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“Dr. Tracy and the staff are extremely thoughtful and patient in their pursuit to understand what their patient’s concerns are with regard to rejuvenation of skin and hair.”
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Hair, Skin, & Regenerative Aesthetics Clinic Located in LA and OC.

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Led by Dr. Robert Tracy, an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss, skin repair, and skin aging, RejuvLA is leading the way in modern regenerative aesthetics. Our goal is to utilize platelets, growth factors, and stem cells to stimulate the regeneration of collagen and hair follicles to slow and reverse aging and hair loss.

Botox & Fillers

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Noticeable hair loss in women can be deeply distressing. We’re here to help. One-third of adult women experience hair loss and, among post-menopausal or perimenopausal women, as many as two-thirds suffer thinning or bald spots.

RejuvLA has quickly become the go-to clinic for female hair loss. We see women of all ages with all types of hair loss. From mild shedding to severe alopecia, we can help.

  • Trichoscopy and DNA Trichotest – Finally get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • TED – No needles or pain, regrow and thicken with our cocktail of growth factors and peptides.
  • PRP with Acell – The best PRP treatment available.
  • FUE – Permanently fix your hair loss once and for all.


Non-surgical treatments including Alma TED, PRP with Acell, and Dutasteride mesotherapy.

  • Prescription strength topical mediactions without side effects
  • PRP to stimulate growth
  • FUE transplantation to transform your look

Achieve Great Skin

Medical grade procedures for all skin colors.

Our skin program is based on natural rejuvenation and repair, utilizing modern laser technology combined regenerative aesthetics for a flawless look.

RejuaLA is one of the first in the country to fully incorporate Korean based skin techniques to achieve clear, glass-like skin. We provide a comprehensive, 360 degree plan to repair your skin and maintain perfection.

Our aesthetician provides advanced facials to deep clean your skin and infuse specialized serums to tighten and brighten. They perfectly complement our medical procedures.

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