Our Membership Packages

We’ve curated exclusive memberships in order to give you the best results possible. Skin transformation typically requires several different treatments over a period of time. We want you to love your skin!

Tox $30/month

Get rid of wrinkles and make sure they stay gone with our Tox Membership! This membership gives you access to member-only pricing on Toxins, as well as discounts on all of your favorite services and products. 

(6 month commitment required)

Rejuvenate Membership $350/month

Our cutting-edge lasers deliver energy to build collagen, tighten skin, and correct rosacea or hyperpigmentation. Combined with our Korean based skin boosters for clearer, smoother, and brighter skin.

Rejuvenate your face and neck for tighter and brighter skin! With this membership we are able to customize your treatments using different technologies. Get rid of those sun spots and melasma, erase redness and broken capillaries, and tighten collagen. Combination treatments are the way to go!

Choose 1 of the following every month:

  • ProYellow Laser full face and neck
  • Dye VL IPL full face and neck
  • Clearlift Laser Toner

(6 month commitment required)

Microneedling $600/month

Get your skin looking brighter, clearer, and smoother with the most advanced microneedling system available. Paired with Rejuran PDRN skin brightener for the ultimate Korean inspired facial. Free home use serum with each purchase!

Choose 1 of the following every month:

  • Intracel RF Microneedling with skin booster
  • Opus Plasma with skin brightener

(3 month commitment required)

Regenerate Membership $700/month

Transformational skin treatment for all skin types (I-VI).  2 advanced technologies in 1 treatment to resurface the skin in multiple layers.  Customizable for deep or superficial treatments.  Creates microchannels that increase absorption of our advanced Korean based skin boosters and brighteners. 

(6 month commitment required)



If you are like most of us in Southern California, you’ve spent a lot of time in the sun and unfortunately widespread use of sunscreen hasn’t always been so prominent like it is today. Throughout the years, sun exposure can leave your skin covered with the effects of sun damage including brown spots, red spots, red vessels, and rosacea. Creams and other cosmetics don’t work because of their inability to penetrate deep enough into the skin. Modern laser technology can now remove these spots and pigment to restore a more youthful appearance to the face, hands, and anywhere else the sun spots may have occurred.


A once-fresh and youthful face can begin to look old, tired, and less attractive as fine lines and winkles appear. This is one of the most common conditions that people look for treatment. Taking care of your skin with the best cosmetics such as vitamin C and retinol is one part of keeping your skin healthy. Staying hydrated can keep this skin healthier as well. However, genetics play a big role in how early a person will develop lines, creases, and wrinkles.

Healthier, Brighter, Clearer Skin.

Suffer from skin issues? Contact us today and schedule an appointment.

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