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RejuvLA offers signature hair restoration services to help prevent and fix thinning hair, early balding, and receding hairlines for both men and women. Dr. Tracy uses the latest advancement in regenerative medicine and surgical restoration to decrease shedding, improve hair density, stimulate new growth, or even transplant individual follicles to fill in bald and thinning areas.

We also specialize in regenerative treatment for alopecia areata, a special type of hair loss that results in discrete patches of hair loss due to autoimmune dysfunction.

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By Treatment

82M & PRP

This 42-year-old female had temporal hair shedding due to Covid- 19. She wanted to do something about it early on to prevent more shedding. This is after 3 sessions of highly concentrated PRP focused on the temporal areas and using topical medication daily. She now returns yearly for routine PRP to maintain these fantastic results.
Patient Review
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Dr Tracy and staff are extremely thoughtful and patient in their pursuit to understand what their patient's concerns are with regard to rejuvenation of their skin and hair.


Dr. Tracy had experienced hair loss for many years and considered hair transplant before, but do to the scar and longer recovery time, he waited for better technology to arrive. After using oral Propecia on and off for many years, he then used PRP treatments to help stabilize the frontal and mid scalp area. Once follicular unit extraction (FUE) was perfected and his hair loss was stable, he decided to get it done. He needed 2000 follicles to adequately fill in the frontal area, and will need 2000 more for the crown, in a separate procedure. One year later, as shown in this picture, the results have been more than fantastic. With no scarring or big incisions, it’s a fantastic procedure for men and women.
Patient Review
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After just one year the results are fantastic. Couldn't be happier with my FUE treatment.


This 35 year old female had been suffering from increased hair thinning for a few years. She finally decided to do something about it and came to see Dr. Tracy for an evaluation. She was diagnosed with female pattern hair loss caused by androgen hormones. A thorough treatment plan was put together, which she followed, and had impressive results in only 4 months after her first PRP treatment. She was so happy to have thicker hair she went to see her hair stylist!
Patient Review
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After just one year the results are fantastic. Couldn't be happier with my FUE treatment.
Medical Treatments

Laser therapy

This patient came for a second opinion after undergoing monthly steroid injections for about 1 year, and not only was it not working, but her scalp was getting much worse. She was tired of having to hide her scalp every day and wanted a real solution. We outlined a comprehensive treatment plan which didn’t include any harsh steroids or oral drugs. She was motivated to stick with the plan and these results are only 4 months after her first PRP with ACell treatment. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she started to finally see hair growing again.

Patient Review
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Doctor and staff are very nice and friendly. Will come back for more treatments.


This is a 38-year-old male with typical early male pattern baldness, especially at his frontal hairline. He had not been on any medications for hair loss prior to coming to RejuvLA. Due to the severe thinness of his hairline, he wanted to treat it aggressively with 2 sessions of highly concentrated double PRP and ACell along with topical finasteride and low-level laser light therapy daily. This picture is 4 months after his first treatment, right before his second procedure.
Patient Review
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Have had 3 PRP treatments for thinning scalp with Dr. Tracy. Easy procedure, no pain, professional staff. Very pleased with results, significant new hair growth. Will do my last PRP treatment next week.
Proof by Patients
John W
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After extensive research of various options, I had my first PRP treatment for the scalp on Monday at CFRIM with Dr. Robert Tracy. The treatment was quick & virtually painless, and the staff was professional & friendly. Just a series of injections deep into the scalp, after drawing my blood & spinning in Centrifuge machine. No anesthesia or cream needed either. I've decided to finally treat my thinning hair problem, and signed up for package of 4 treatments every month. Also, I'm getting the Nutrafol vitamins he recommends for daily use for repair & new hair growth. Very excited!
Javier M
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I have been working with Dr. Tracy on a PRP hair restoration package and the results have been excellent. There is a steady growth and regeneration of hair in areas where it was thinning. Understandably this is a process and results will not happen overnight. It actually takes a monthly visit to Dr. Tracy as part of the procedure. He does a good job explaining the PRP process and is very good at his execution. If you are looking for ways to regenerate hair or fight hair loss, start with Dr. Tracy!
Andy Y
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Dr. Tracy is thoughtful, courteous and professional. I have gone to him for Stem Cell hair treatments as well as yellow laser to improve my facial complexion and texture.

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