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Melasma sufferers understand how frustrating this skin condition can be and how it can dramatically alter their appearance from clear and clean looking skin to patchy, dark looking patches.

Typically, melasma is most common among females and even more common among darker skin females, especially Asian and Hispanic skin.

Dr. Tracy has created an intensive melasma regimen that combines topical suppressants, Pro Yellow Laser and microneedling rf. The pro yellow laser is one of the most popular lasers in Indonesia due to its ability in treating Asian skin with reduced risk for post treatment hyperpigmentation.

Sagging & Loose Skin

A youthful face depends on tight, plump skin and perfectly positioned fat pads to give your face that uplifting appearance.

As you age your once tight and uniform collagen becomes disorganized and loose and fat starts to dissolve causing lax skin, hollowness, deep wrinkles, and jowls to form. Your skin goes from uplifting to downright depressing every decade after age 30. We can help!


Cosmetics can help reduce the appearance of acne scars but the wrong cosmetic can make the condition worse and lead to new breakouts. Untreated acne will leave the skin scarred, rough, pitted, and red appearing.

Dr. Tracy provides acne, acne scar removal, and post inflammatory redness treatment with advanced techniques. Call today to help improve skin quality, health, and appearance.


Achieving a youthful appearance relies on firm, hydrated skin and well-distributed fat pads, which contribute to a lifted look.

However, as you age, collagen loses its tightness, fat diminishes, and skin becomes loose, resulting in the emergence of wrinkles, sagging, and hollow areas. With our assistance, you can combat these signs of aging and regain a rejuvenated appearance.

Healthier, Brighter, Clearer Skin.

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