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Surgical Hair restoration

“Having undergone the FUE procedure myself, I personally believe it is one of the safest and most life changing aesthetic procedures available.” – Dr. Tracy, Medical Director for RejuvLA

FUE Unit Extraction

The most exciting thing about Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is what it enables us to do in the donor area with people who wear very short hair.

For many people, having a linear scar is not desirable. So, this surgical technique gives us another option for “extracting” or harvesting the permanent donor follicles from the scalp. With FUE, we can extract single Follicular Units (that means groupings of 1, 2, 3, and sometimes, 4 hair follicles) individually from the donor area without a scalpel.

This also means the patient will not require any stitches and there is absolutely NO linear scar.

  • The modern hair transplant gives natural looking results with NO LINEAR SCAR. 
  • Long hair FUE takes it a step further, eliminating the need to shave your hair at all, making it virtually undetectable that you’ve had a procedure done.
  • It’s a transformative minimally invasive procedure that will have you questioning why you didn’t do it sooner.

The Consultation

A thorough consultation with review of all treatment options is always provided free of charge prior to any treatment. We take great pride in providing comprehensive medical and surgical care for hair loss and this will be discussed during this consult.If necessary, Trichoscopy may be recommended in order to provide an accurate diagnosis and the best treatment options, including FUE.

The Procedure

  • FUE is painless and uses local anesthetic.
  • We utilize oral anti-anxiety medication to help you relax.
  • No general anesthesia is necessary.
  • The donor area will be shaved in the morning prior to starting. The
    recipient area can remain normal length.
  • The recipient area will be planned out carefully with your full understanding prior to starting, including the hairline if needed.
  • Follicle extracting can take 2-3 hours. Lunch is provided then implanting will take approximately 2-3 hours as well.
  • PRP and ACell can be utilized for faster regrowth. Can be discussed prior to starting.
  • You will be given a peptide solution to use afterwards for graft protection and growth.
  • Grafts are generally fully implanted within 3 days but we recommend washing the recipient area 5-7 days after.
  • Donor area generally heals with 3 days, we recommend washing the next day.
  • Hardly any residual pain afterwards reported by our patients.
  • Hair in the grafts will fall out in 6 weeks and then your new permanent hair will grow. This is a perfectly normal process. 
  • Sit back and wait for your new hair to grow in!


Female FUE

One thing we hear most often from women is that they didn’t realize that they are candidates for hair transplant.

Most transplant clinics are tailored toward men, often times leaving women to feel uneasy about going to those offices. We take female hair loss seriously and understand the physical and psychosocial toll it has on women. Women no longer must feel like they have “run out of options” for their hair loss.

FUE hair transplant is absolutely a viable and highly successful procedure for females suffering from hair loss.

Most popular procedures for females:

  • Long hair FUE (no shave) 
  • Partial shave FUE (window shave at donor area)
  • Never have to shave your hair off to have a hair transplant. This is probably the most reassuring aspect for females considering this procedure.

Male FUE

Traditional hair surgery techniques and treatments left many men with undesirable results and further hair loss leading to repeat procedures and all around poor outcomes.

Dr. Tracy treats hair loss differently. We offer both medical and surgical treatments and only rarely provide surgical treatments without proper medical stabilization therapy. Too often we have men come in after multiple surgeries with visible scars and further balding due to poor treatment plans. We don’t just “move hair” and send people on their way only to hope they come back in a few years needing another transplant.

Hair loss takes a multifactorial treatment approach with FUE being an excellent option among a comprehensive treatment plan for men. Be very wary of clinics that quickly rush you to a sales person that mainly focuses on cost and never talk about long term outcomes or medical treatments.
Before FUE
Day of FUE
Day of FUE
4 Weeks later
1 year Later
"I am so grateful to find a place that I can be myself and be comfortable especially with my hair loss issue. I did my PRP treatment had a Trichoscopy to properly check the kind of hair loss I am 39 and undergoing and FUE hair transplant with RejuvaLA clinic. Dr. Tracy and Yasmine, NP are very helpful, they listen to your concerns and give you honest recommendations. They make sure to give you the right treatment. It was a smooth procedure because they make you feel at home. ‍‍After care is also the best! Yasmine never missed to follow up with me making sure I'm healing and doing well. Dr. Tracy looks into my progress weekly then encourages me with compliance. Definitely will recommended their services."
Maricar R.

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