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Introducing SHR laser hair removal at RejuvLA

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What is SHR Hair Removal?

Unlike previous light-based hair removal technologies that pulse the skin with a very strong light beam to destroy the hair follicle while also causing pain, creating inconsistent coverage, and possibly even burns, the main idea behind SHR is that the energy delivered to the target area is accumulative.

That means the entire treated area is gradually heated using lower energy with high repetition to achieve maximum results and optimal coverage, with virtually no pain at all

How Does SHR work?

Alma’s patented SHR technology delivers low-fluence and high-frequency laser energy, so that tissue heating is gradual and therefore safer, even for darker, melanin rich skin.

The epidermis is further protected by the applicators’ cooled tip.

The SHR process uses an “in-motion” technique, where the practitioner glides the laser applicator over the patients’ skin, distributing the laser energy uniformly over the treatment area for consistent coverage with superior results and reduced burn risk.

The laser transforms into thermal energy, which in turn terminates hair growth by destroying surrounding stem cells.


No pain during or after treatments

Minimal to no downtime

Safe for all skin types, including darker skin

Targeting fine and light hair

Optimal, consistent coverage

Year-round treatments



Offerings Individual Price Package of 6
Full Face $35 $158
Partial Face $25 $113
Lip $15 $95
Chin $10 $45
Neck (Front) $15 $68


Offerings Individual Price Package of 6
Shoulders $30 $135
Full Back $150 $675
Half Back $75 $338
Lower Back $25 $113
Neck (Back) $15 $68


Offerings Individual Price Package of 6
Full Arms $80 $360
Half Arms $40 $180
Under Arms $20 $90


Offerings Individual Price Package of 6
Full Bikini $45 $202
Half Bikini $25 $113
Buttocks $30 $135


Offerings Individual Price Package of 6
Upper Chest $55 $248
Full Abdomen $75 $338
Lower Abdomen $30 $135
Touch Up $70


Offerings Individual Price Package of 6
Full Legs $160 $720
Half Legs $80 $360

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